Engagement pods on LinkedIn 101

Engagement pods are getting more and more used by opinion leaders on LinkedIn. Let's see how they work to get your ideas heard and your company content seen.

Engagement pods on LinkedIn: What are they?

Engagement pods are groups of people supporting each other's content in order to give it more visibility. A piece of content on social media is being given a score according to many factors, among which the number of likes and comments. Initially done manually, today's automated engagement pods are doing the liking automatically so you're sure your content is given the best chance to be seen.

Who should I make a LinkedIn engagement pod with?

They are 2 main use-cases: Companies are creating content but miss out on a powerful way to get it broadcasted: their employees. By having all their employees in an engagement pods, company posts will get hundreds of extra views for each post, as many opportunities to be seen and reach potential clients.

Second are LinkedIn influencers: Personal branding is incredibly powerful but can be hard to get started. In the spirit of "fake it till you make it", engagement pods will give young influencers the credibility they lack in the early days. Make sure to join a pod with like-minded people for maximum effect.

LinkedIn engagement pods will help you be trusted.

Corporate with a few likes are not only suffering of low visibility; they also lack trust. It is a common bias to not trust content that other people have not trusted already. Joining an engagement pod will help you gain trust from readers by giving them the initial likes they need.

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